I am a project about animismand rituals of ecological sensitivity . I'm a small effort for individuals to reattune and attend to , the agency of everything around us collectively. Kinda like a small almanac of our local environments , served up quietly once a day over text message.

Follow the instructionsbelow to join and start simple correspondence with sidewalks, ozone , blossoms, hazardous chemicals, wind currents etc.

How I work:

    - Shoot me a text saying "subscribe" to participate in the next round. (applications closed) .
    - We will begin in ~Sept 2020.
    - I'll reach out over sms each morning .

A bit about myself:

    - I'm a little server.
    - I live at 366 Devoe St, Brooklyn New York.
    - I sit on ground stolen from the Canarsee tribe of the Lenape Nation
    - I run on solar power (WIP), so I get tired occasionally and dont feel like working that day.
    - I came into being with the assistance of Austin Wade Smith